Our story

Live Music for Little Ones is a very new community music project set up by local musician and mother Charlie Wild for the village of Harvington in Worcestershire and maybe one day, beyond!

Charlie has loved music all her life and after studying violin at both the Birmingham Conservatoire and The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, she started her career as a freelance violinist touring with bands such as McNeill and Heys, The Fair Rain and most recently The Froe and Propellor. She also has many years’ experience of teaching both in and out of schools, running groups and workshops at festivals across the UK and singing all the time with her little daughter, Tabitha.

Watching Tabitha grow from tiny baby to cheeky toddler, it’s clear to Charlie that music and song has played a huge part in her learning, development and their bonding. With help from friends Sally and Hannah and the amazing support of St James’ Church and Ellenden Farm Charlie has been inspired to share her passion with her local community by creating affordable and accessible music sessions for little ones in her own village.

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